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Plaid Patterned Bucket Hat Style Beanie

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Cozy Ear Flap Beanie

Balaclava Headwarmer w/ Drawstring

  • SKU: YBN-1530
  • 57% Acrylic 28% Polyester 15% Nylon 
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    YBN-1530-RST YBN-1530-IVY YBN-1530-GRY YBN-1530-BLK

Balaclava Headwarmer with Drawstring - Embrace the Winter in Style

Available in Rust, Black, Gray, and Ivory

Introducing the Balaclava Headwarmer with Drawstring, your perfect winter companion. Crafted with soft, high-quality fabric, this versatile headwarmer offers full coverage, warmth, and a snug fit with an adjustable drawstring. Whether you choose the rich rust, classic black, elegant gray, or soothing ivory, this balaclava hood complements any outfit and occasion. Order yours today and experience the cozy comfort that only Leto Wholesale can provide.