Stylish patchwork woven multicolor tassel scarf wholesale for women from Leto Wholesale

Patchwork Woven Multicolor Tassel Scarf

soft ridge textured tassel scarf burgundy wine

Soft Ridge Textured Tassel Scarf

Chunky Oversized Two Pocket Tassel Scarf

  • SKU: YS-3667
  • 100% Acrylic 
  • Dimensions 110" x 13"
  • Packs of 6
  • Made in China
  • Immediate Shipping
  • Wholesale
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Functional fashion is always a hit, so surprise your shoppers with a scarf that does more than keep them warm. The Chunky Oversized Pocket Tassel Scarf brings plenty of warmth while also allowing you to store your phone, keys or simply just your hands in its two pockets.