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Touch of Morocco Tapestry Tassel Kimono

Unveil your inner bohemian with the paisley tapestry free flow kimono 6

Paisley Tapestry Free Flow Kimono

Floral Mandala Embroidered Mesh Kimono

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  • Packs of 6
  • Size : 44" L x 36" W
  • Armhole 24" Around
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    YSK-4041-BLK YSK-4041-SGE YSK-4041-MUST YSK-4041-NAT YSK-4041-RST YSK-4041-CHC

Wrap in Elegance with Our Floral Mandala Embroidered Mesh Kimono

Delicate Design, Dramatic Impact

Introducing our Floral Mandala Embroidered Mesh Kimono, a masterpiece of textile art. This kimono features stunning floral mandala embroidery, each stitch adding a layer of depth and elegance to the delicate mesh fabric. The light and airy design makes it an ideal choice for a sophisticated cover-up, offering a glimpse of what's beneath while providing a touch of modesty. Whether paired with evening wear for a formal occasion or draped over a casual outfit for a day out, this embroidered mesh kimono adds a significant touch of grace and artistry to your wardrobe.