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Button Neck Fringe Poncho

Baroque Style Frayed Edge Ruana

Baroque Style Frayed Edge Ruana

Marble Ruana Wrap w/Tassel

  • SKU : YSK-4070
  • Marble Ruana Wrap w/Tassel
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  • 100% Acrylic
  • Size : 63" x 51"
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    YP-4070-BROWN YP-4070-GRAY YP-4070-BLUE YP-4070-PINK

Show off your style with this stunning marble wrap! Give your customers a wrap for the season in luxurious material and faded colors. Stay warm without sacrificing style. This ruana is perfect for giving you an extra bit of warmth on those chilly autumn days when temperatures drop- but it's also light enough to use as a scarf, so you'll be able to wear it all year round! At Leto Wholesale we supply poncho in bulk perfect for your customers!