Seamless Front Lace Racerback Bralette

Seamless Front Lace Racerback Bralette


Plus Size Racerback Cozy Lounge Brami

Racerback Cozy Lounge Brami

  • SKU: YL-5582
  • 70% Nylon 30% Polyester
  • Packs of 6
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  • Cup Fit
    XS/S: 32A 32B 32C 34A 34B
    M/L: 32D 34C 36B 36C 38B
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    YL-5582-BLK YL-5582-BLS YL-5582-LTE

For retailers who want to add a touch of fun, comfort & personality to their store, this cozy brami is perfect for your customers to lounge around with or even layering it with their favorite cardigan. The three colors, warm, cute and clean are perfect for celebrating comfort and simpler side of things! Add this to your cart today!