Different Ways to Style a Bandana

Bandanas are an accessory that just doesn’t quit! They have been present throughout major fashion periods in history. Everyone from Rosie the Riveter to Kendall Jenner has been seen wearing bandanas, silk scarves, kerchiefs, or whatever you want to call them.

There are plenty of different ways you can wear a bandana, so if you’ve been wondering about the different ways to style this versatile fashion accessory, read on below to learn more.

There are so many ways you can wear it; it can be worn as a top, wrapped around the handle of a bag, as a headscarf, or even just around your neck as a necklace replacement.

The fact remains that it's a timeless accessory, so we've rounded up some ideas to show you how to style yours.

  1. Bandana scarf
  2. Bandana top
  3. Bandana headscarf
  4. Bandana ponytail wrap

Bandana scarf

Put on a front-tied bandana. Bandanas can be worn around your neck in many ways, but the front tie style is both simple and classic. The bandana should be folded in half corner to corner to create a triangle. Wrap the triangle around your shoulders, bringing in the two corners and tying  them at the front of your neck to complete the look.

You could also wear your bandana scarf in front of your face. The bandana should be laid out like a diamond on the table, and folded into a triangle for an edgy look. Ensure that the points of the triangle meet at the back of your neck. Then, tie the ends in a knot and pull up the bandana so it sits across the middle of your nose and covers the bottom half of your face.

Bandana Top

Bandanas can be fashioned into a trendy strapless top with a handkerchief hem. Wear layers of accessories to dress up your bare neckline to create an elegant look for the summer.

You’ll need a full sized bandana for this look. Simply fold the bandana in half to make a triangle, and tie two ends at the back so that the triangle drapes down the front. You’ll need a strapless bra (or go braless) and make sure it’s tight enough so that it doesn’t fall down! Our oversized luxe cotton bandana is perfect for this look, check it out below!

Bandana Headscarf

Adding a bandana headscarf can take any look up a few notches. To complete this classic bandana headscarf look, start by folding the bandana in half so that it is in a triangle shape. Then place the center of the long side of the triangle across your forehead and tie the two side ends at the back of your neck. After tying it your look is complete! If you are looking for the classic bandana pattern with a modern day look, our muted color bandanas are exactly what you are looking for and it is available in 6 different colors.

Bandana Ponytail Wrap

Make a ponytail in the style of the 1950s. Make a long rope from the bandana by laying it down and bunching the bandana towards the center. Make a loose, open knot with the rope shape. Put your hair in a ponytail and tie an elastic band around your ponytail once your bandana is knotted. Tie a tight knot around the loop on your ponytail, and slide the knot over your ponytail. As opposed to a traditional square bandana, a long, scarf-like bandana looks more sophisticated here.

Bandanas are arguably one of the most versatile accessories available today. They are always popular and fairly easy to integrate into any look you want to try. Experiment with your bandana to see which style works best for you. Check out our collection of bandanas and start adding to your look!