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Monthly Archives: January 2021

  1. Trends to Take Note of for Spring 2021

    In a world where the next big thing is available each day with next-day shipping, it can seem difficult to stay on top of all the trends. Well no need to worry, we’ve taken the time to research the upcoming trends for Spring 2021 that your customers will love all season long.

    1. Floral Forward

    Bold and bright floral prints are expected to flood 2021 Spring fashion, with an emphasis on striking yellows and playful shades of pink. Shop for pieces like the Floral String Kimono (YSK-3769) or the Contrast Mesh Cotton Lace Kimono (

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  2. Preparing Your Spring Inventory

    While we’re only halfway through January, it’s never too early to start selecting your items for spring. In fact, stocking spring styles a bit early is a great way to help your shoppers be prepared for the next season and not feel rushed to transform their wardrobe in a matter of a week. Not sure of what to pick up for next season? Check out our list of hot items for spring down below!

    1. Knit Netted Cardigan

    Cardigans have been trending for quite a while and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. The Knit Netted Cardigan is perfect for adding a light layer to outfits for those

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  3. Leto Wholesale Español Announcement

    Here at Leto Wholesale we pride ourselves on providing quality accessories to store owners and customers across the globe. In order to better serve some of our vendors we have created a spanish expansion for our website where spanish speaking customers will be able to switch to a spanish-language site. We hope this addition to the Leto Wholesale site will be of assistance to many, and we’d like to remind you that customer service via telephone is also available in spanish. May you all have a wonderful 2021, we look forward to assisting you in all your accessories needs.

    Aquí en Leto Wholesale estamos bien orgullosos de proveer accesorios de la mejor calidad a clientes por todo el mundo. Para servir mejor a nuestros vendedores, hemos creado una expansión en español en el sitio donde clientes hispanohablantes podrán cambiar al sitio de lengua hispana. Nosotros esperamos que esta función les ayude a muchos y queremos recordarles que la asiste

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  4. Going into 2021 with Some Reflection

    For most of us 2020 was a less than ideal year to say the least, but it was full of lessons that we can reflect on through 2021. We lost loved ones we thought were invincible, memorable events like graduations were moved from stages to screens, and our “normal” became “not-so-normal”. A year full of heartache and frustration but not lacking in triumph and resilience, 2020 has shaped many of us for the future that lies ahead. 


    The greatest challenge we faced in 2020 was the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, a virus that most of us had little to no knowledge of nor how to handle it. But to our rescue, virus experts and healthcare workers all across the globe came together to help fight coronavirus and educate us on how to keep safe and protected. Doctors and nurses spent days and nights working to restore patients’ health, while sacrificing their own physical and mental health. As things got tougher and tougher, not once

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