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  1. What Should be on Your Radar this Winter?

    Winter is in full effect, which means shoppers are looking for items that will keep them warm and cozy all season long. While many people will not be having as many winter outings this year as in the past, bundling up is just as important when staying in. Help your shoppers get comfortable by stocking up on these winter classics that we love so much at Leto Wholesale.

    The Lightweight Plaid Ruana (YP-3956)

    Although the Lightweight Plaid Ruana is on the thinner side, this piece is still a winter must-have because of how layerable it is. Whether your customers are in sunny Southern California or the cold woods of Maine, this ruana

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  2. Leto Wholesale Fall Highlights

    Welcome to Leto Wholesale’s blog section where you can now find the latest news regarding arrivals, restocks and trending items. Say goodbye to monthly newsletters, and say hello to weekly updates that keep your brand in the loop.

    What’s on our radar this week

    Leightweight Plaid Ruana (SKU: YP-3956)

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