Preparing Your Spring Inventory

While we’re only halfway through January, it’s never too early to start selecting your items for spring. In fact, stocking spring styles a bit early is a great way to help your shoppers be prepared for the next season and not feel rushed to transform their wardrobe in a matter of a week. Not sure of what to pick up for next season? Check out our list of hot items for spring down below!

  1. Knit Netted Cardigan

Cardigans have been trending for quite a while and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. The Knit Netted Cardigan is perfect for adding a light layer to outfits for those new-wave grunge and modern boho looks. Available in four colors, your customers will love how easy these earthy tones are to style.

    2. Tie Dye Longline Kimono

While some shoppers may be sticking to muted colors, others may be looking for brighter options for spring. With tie-dye trending, the Tie Dye Longline Kimono is a great piece to have in stock as it satisfies your customers’ color needs and keeps them in style. Not to mention, with more people at home this piece can double as a robe for lounging around the house or poolside!

    3. Boho Eye Lace Applique Bralette

Bralettes are a no-brainer for spring, but which ones are the best choice? The Boho Eye Lace Applique Bralette is a Leto Wholesale favorite that your customers will love. This bralette has a comfortable fit with a cute accent in the front, and features adjustable double straps. Available in four colors as well as plus sizes, every option will be hard to keep in stock!

    4. Bandanas

Leto Wholesale has an extensive selection of bandanas, we couldn’t highlight just one! With bandanas back in style, it’s a no brainer to them in your shopping cart. Grab a variety of prints for your store, these versatile pieces of cloth practically sell themselves.