Leto Wholesale Kimonos

2020 has been a year to remember. After being cooped up for months, not worrying that much about my appearance, I recently decided I wanted to update my makeup and wardrobe. Fortunately, online shopping is something conveniently done from the safety and comfort of home. Browsing the latest fashions, I have discovered the modern-day version of the kimono. It is not a kimono in the traditional sense of the word, but one that has been reinvented with our Western design and lifestyle in mind. It is an inspiring trend that can be worn in many ways and for practically any occasion. Kimonos for women can be incorporated into our existing outfits to give them new life. They have grown in popularity with the younger generation here and in Japan because they are easy to wear and can incorporate whimsical, fun patterns.

Kimonos come in all patterns, fabrics, styles, and price ranges. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Beyoncé, and Tracee Ellis Ross wear them. Here are a few of my favorites and some fun ideas on how to wear a kimono?


Formal Wear


The tassel border kimono with its velvety texture and tassels complements any formal dress. The way a kimono drapes over the shoulders and sits beautifully off the neck, adds elegance to your evening look.


Boho Chic


One of my absolute favorites is pairing a stripe-woven dip-dyed kimono with boyfriend jeans or high-waist shorts and a crop top or bralette. Depending on the weather, pair with sandals or cute slip-on sneakers.

Day to Night


For a slightly dressier look, pair a carnation flower kimono with a silk cami, skinny jeans, and ankle boots. Add some minimalist gold jewelry for work, and change into tassel earrings and heels for night. Cinch your cute kimono with a leather belt to complete the look.

Just for Fun


The Harajuku district in Japan has spurred a fun street style where the kimono has seen a resurgence. For a playful, comfy look, pair a tie dye long sleeve kimono with high-waisted jeans and a fun top or bustier.

Perfect for the Beach or Pool


For an easy, breezy cover-up, use a tie dye cotton embroidery kimono over your swimsuit. Pair with slides, sunglasses,  an oversized beach bag, and your favorite sun hat.

Around the House


Throw on a silky, sashed scallop laced trim kimono as a luxurious robe while you get dressed. Or just make lounging around a little exotic. Brides can also give kimonos as gifts to their bridesmaids to wear while getting hair and makeup done. (This also makes for adorable wedding photos!

The kimono is versatile, dynamic, and inspirational. The way it wraps around the body drapes from the shoulders, and it’s sashed waist makes it feel exotic and also familiar. I love how it emphasizes art, color, and pattern rather than a strict construction or cut. Kimonos are fun! They are so easy to wear, layer, and accessorize, and they have really enhanced my wardrobe. Explore them for yourself from our wide range of casual kimono collections!