The past year has created a whole new market for protective wear.  As shoppers begin to return to work and school, protective gear and wholesale masks are more in demand than ever. If your shop lacks these essentials, your customers will have to search elsewhere. Yours can be the one-stop-shop where everyone can find stylish options for their daily wardrobe and protection needs. Keep your customers protected with practical and useful accessories, face shields, reusable cotton masks, and gowns.

Of course, the most crucial piece of protective wear is the face mask. Your clients may wish to grab a mask to wear while they shop, or they might be searching for a particular style of face cover for a special occasion. A high-quality face mask will be greatly appreciated. Here are some of our many options.

1.Bandanas and Neck Gaiters

Bandanas make for a dressier option than a regular mask. They come in a wide variety of patterns and colors to coordinate with any outfit and be more comfortable mask types. As a bonus, bandanas can be worn in so many different ways!  Similar to the bandana is the neck gaiter. Many say that a gaiter is the most comfortable of face coverings. These will be especially popular with your male clientele.

2. Reusable Face Masks and Cotton Face Masks

Many customers enjoy the comfort and convenience of a washable cloth mask. There is a plentiful array of colors and designs. Also available are respirator masks, mesh-style masks with a filter pocket, and transparent masks. Be sure to stock a variety of styles and colors for every taste. It makes wearing a mask much more pleasant when you love the pattern or design! We also have 100% cotton masks, a customer favorite.

3. Special Occasion Masks

As Spring approaches, your clients will find themselves preparing for special occasions to dress up and need a coordinating mask. You will want to carry some unique face masks for women for these occasions. We have gorgeous embroidered masks, floral lace masks, and mask and headband sets. We even have eyelet face masks to go with your eyelet bralettes!

4. Children’s Face Masks

 Retailers often overlook kids’ masks. But children need a good supply of high-quality masks. They wear them daily at school and daycare. Our wholesale mask selections for children include reusable ones in cute designs and children’s disposable masks.

5. The Disposable Mask

Perhaps the most critical type of mask to have in stock is the disposable face mask. Organizations such as churches, banks, entertainment venues, and schools must have disposable masks available at all times and are buying face masks in bulk. Many companies are providing them to all their employees. Adding disposable masks to your inventory will also benefit you and your customers. A customer may wish for a fresh mask (and those straps have been known to break!)

Additionally, people might accidentally leave their masks in the car. If you don’t have disposable ones readily available, they might not even enter the store. Keep a couple of boxes right inside the doors for everyone’s convenience.

In addition to regular disposable face masks, get creative with some of our other options. We have kids’ size disposable masks (kids love them!) and PINK disposable masks. Your clients will appreciate a little variation from the standard blue.

6. Other useful items

Adjustable face masks straps are also a pleasant surprise for those visiting your shop. Place them strategically throughout your store, and use them to highlight some of your favorite masks. Kids will benefit from having a strap for their masks. To complete your protective wear offerings, be sure to include our latex gloves, KN-95 masks, shoe covers, and hand sanitizer. 

We don’t have to sacrifice style to protect ourselves and others completely. Having a good selection of masks and accessories available to shoppers is a win for everyone!